PHOENIX (May 27, 2019) – Below is a statement from A for Arizona Executive Director Emily Anne Gullickson on the passage of the FY2020 Budget:

Over the last two years, lawmakers have infused nearly $1 billion of new and restored funding into our public school classrooms. Today’s $7.5 billion education budget not only delivers the second payment of the promise to provide teachers a 20 percent pay raise by 2020, but it also makes significant investments into funding for new school counselors, school facilities and flexible funding that can be used on anything from classroom supplies to payroll.

“Additionally, lawmakers are investing $68 million to allow Arizona’s best schools to serve more students, especially in low income communities. With this funding, lawmakers are signaling the importance of ensuring students have access to an excellent school within their neighborhood.

“Thank you, Governor Ducey and Arizona legislators, for approving a student-focused budget that invests in our future.