This story was originally published by Janelle Wood and Derrell Bradford in the Arizona Republic on March 5, 2021.

Arizona has fostered the growth of one of the most responsive and diverse schooling sectors in the country.

If we’re going to continue to build on a system of choice, we also need to make sure everyone continues to have a chance to enjoy the increased educational prosperity — especially students of color.

As Black education advocates, we have witnessed firsthand the benefits of being afforded the opportunity to enroll children of color in safe, supportive and quality classrooms. Unfortunately, many parents of color feel trapped in a system that has failed them for years, as many in the “education community” advocate for the status quo.

We are tired of people of color being drawn into communities with failing schools with limited transportation options, and we are tired of being told what is best for children of color.

Fortunately, there are efforts at the state Legislature to right these wrongs.

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