Perhaps one of the most unique ways to attract families who may not be ready or happy with traditional school is Vail’s new Micro School.

The Micro School is a support program for K-5 families who are homeschooling, where a dedicated teacher will be working with homeschool families. There will be a classroom in the district for the micro school where enrolled families will have a “buffet of options,” Pinkerton says, including reading and math supports, scheduled “read alouds,” field trips, PE activities and social activities.

“It’s kind of an open book right now,” she said. “We’re really building the plane as we’re flying it, but really trying to make sure that we have supports in case people want supports.”

The program will primarily be funded with a grant from A for Arizona, including the teacher’s salary and needed supplies, but the district will also get some state funding for the time that students spend on campuses.

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