The Eddies!—advocate-nominated and voted awards—provide an annual opportunity to feature outstanding policy and advocacy wins from the past year, telling the story of how advocates improved policy and advanced opportunity, equity, and excellence for students, one community and campaign at a time.

Winners will be announced at the 2021 PIE Network Summit, October 20-22 in Denver, CO. The 2021 roster of nominees includes nearly 100 organizations that represent the robust and strategic work happening across the PIE Network.

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A for Arizona: School transportation Modernization Package

Gamechanger of the Year Award Finalist

Game Changer Campaign of the Year recognizes local, state, or national advocacy campaigns that tackled a big problem and achieved a new, game-changing policy or protected an existing critical policy. Sometimes a policy window opens quickly, and advocates move fast; sometimes, the window opens after years of sustained advocacy efforts. Either way, nominees in this category pushed the envelope to make a significant impact for students and families—paving the way for others to replicate or adapt this strategy in their communities.

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Emily Anne Gullickson, A for Arizona

2021 Breakthrough Advocate of the Year Finalist

Breakthrough Advocate of the Year features state or local leaders who took bold actions–and succeeded–in advancing innovative policies and solutions that support their states’ and communities’ needs. Breakthroughs don’t happen overnight–being an advocacy leader is about being prepared for opportunity, and this category honors leaders who drew from deep experience and hard fought wisdom to act fast and nimbly seize a window of opportunity to advance longstanding priorities. These leaders continue to bring fresh perspectives to complex challenges.

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A for Arizona: Seat Time Flexibility Expansion

Power to the People Honorable Mention

The Eddies! Power to the People Campaign category features grassroots policy and advocacy campaigns at the local level that responded to community needs, grew from community power, and transformed opportunities for students and families in their community.

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