PROGRAM FUNDED: CASA created after-hours small learning communities of 2-5 learners, with one qualified mentor per group, for all third-grade scholars. This program will help close the achievement and opportunity gaps, providing pre-recorded lessons and materials by the third-grade classroom teachers for mentors to review in advance of the SLCs.


“While every scholar in the tutoring program showed both personal and academic growth last year, there are two specific scholars who stand out the most two us: 

“J. started with us at CASA Academy in second grade. She came in significantly behind (performing at a preschool-level for both math and reading). She worked relentlessly that year and made growth but was still having trouble accessing the third-grade curriculum the following year. When tutoring began that is when her confidence really started to grow. She became more engaged, and she started making even greater significant academic gains. She is now a 4th grader at our school, and she has become a leader in her class, even winning the CASA Collegiate Scholar Award earlier this year- An award based off demonstrating our core values and academic efforts.

“P. joined our third-grade classroom in April of last year. It was her first time ever attending school in the United States. The tutoring program helped her adjust to the classroom and curriculum quickly, and in just one month she was able to make 2/3 a year of reading growth.”

Ashley Lowry, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Title I Coordinator