PROGRAM FUNDED: Vail is providing public stackable education via a menu of services and options to enhancing learning and recognizing that education is not defined by where students receive their education but how. Under this new option, families can choose which components of district support they would like to opt into: academic, social/emotional, or extracurricular.


“One particular student came to our classroom who was behind 2 grades. She was having trouble reading so her mom signed her up to work with me to help.  We started working together and I began building a relationship with this young lady.  We talked and I found out about her interests. I picked books based on what she liked.  We were reading a book together and she stopped and told me the words were moving.  We had a very productive conversation about it.  I asked her many questions and picked up as many details as possible about what she was experiencing.  After class I called our Special Education teacher and we discussed in detail what she was experiencing. I had a bit of knowledge in this area and my co-worker did too.  We brainstormed and decided we would try an overlay on her books and paper and see if it made a difference.  We tried many colors and when we came to purple the student perked up and was so excited.  She said the words were not moving!  We now use purple overlays on all her white paper, work, and books. I bought one for her mom to take home also to use there.  Her reading scores jumped from 3rd grade level in July of 51 words per minute to 97 words per minute on a 5th grade reading level in November.  This was a significant difference in a short amount of time and has made a huge impact in her reading confidence as well.”

Kelly Pinkerton, Director of Assessment and Innovative Learning