PROGRAM FUNDED: Gowan implemented learner-centered “Calming Corners” that create new learning spaces for youth in grades third through eighth to regroup and build upon their Social-Emotional Learning skills.


“R.C. is a strong student who has a stable home life. But as 5th grade started, she began having problems with self-esteem, confidence, and harassment. None of the issues were huge but she seemed like a different girl at school. R.C. utilizes the grade 3-5 calming corner most mornings before school. This is where she centers for her upcoming day and checks in with caring adults. R.C. also uses this calming corner when she needs a few minutes away from her classroom. She gets overwhelmed and emotional and doesn’t want that to be everyone’s business. So, she’ll come to the corner and curl up on the oversized bean bag. Lava-lamp type timers and an hourglass are the supplies that she goes to for regaining balance. “It’s just good to have a little safe spot,” R.C. explains. “Being sad doesn’t stress me out as much since I know I don’t have to cry in front of my class.”

Jaime Haines, Principal