PROGRAM FUNDED: This immigrant youth-led entrepreneurial organization is breaking barriers to learning and disrupting the current education system to create a pathway to college for undocumented learners through their Immigrant Scholarship Hustle which provides resources, networks, and curriculum by, led, and for immigrant youth.


“SA-Z helped me in applying to scholarships, sharing my story, and writing essays. I was able to get a scholarship with the skills SA-Z taught me. I found community and leadership opportunities at SA-Z. I have helped with admissions. I contacted undocumented youth who applied to our program and was able to provide support for them as they did our workshops. I enjoy helping other undocumented youth because I know the great feeling and impact of being helped myself. For me, being helped made me realize that there are other undocumented youth that probably feel hopeless and with the help I got, I realized I can help other folks too.”

Danitza Yanez