PROGRAM FUNDED: Agua Caliente Elementary is revitalizing their 32-year-old Nature Trail and creating a stimulating, safe outdoor learning zone with two classroom-like areas and small collaboration stations to experience curriculum integration and space to learn in a motivating outdoor setting.


“The largest impact we have seen so far is the incredible opportunity that students have been given to be leaders in our school and community. We have a Student Council, Kindness Committee and 6th Grade Legacy Committee. Students in grades 4th – 6th are represented on these committees. These students met with us during their lunch times to develop a presentation that our district Governing Board and Superintendent requested. They planned it, created a slide presentation and then spoke in front of the Board, Superintendent and the community that either attended in person or virtually. They spoke to the impact the revitalization of the area has on them, the history and what they envision in the future. You can view the slide presentation and video of students presenting to the Governing Board here.

“Another leadership opportunity for our students was during our Nature Trail History Day. This was initiated and planned by our students. So many sixth graders volunteered to lead a tour for K-5th grades, that we created stations and a schedule so that many students could participate and lead a section. Students that were not able to lead on this day were promised to have another opportunity after the next revitalization steps occurred. It was fantastic to have so many students volunteer to speak and represent our school.”

Christine Rietz, Principal